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Crayon, what brand, good watercolor ten big list?

Watercolor pens top ten brands list, Crayon – painting pen – color pencil brand, watercolor pen, what brand, good <2017>!
1. color TrueColor
In 1991, the ten major brands of stationery, stationery industry, especially in the domestic instrument industry reputation, one-stop office stationery suppliers well-known learning, true color stationery Limited by Share Ltd
2. Deli DELI
Founded in 1988, China’s largest integrated stationery suppliers, office stationery industry leading brands, more influential cultural office brand, deli Group Limited
3. company Faber-Castell
Founded in 1761 in Germany, Europe’s old industrial enterprises, world-renowned manufacturer of writing instruments, the German company group, huibojia (Guangzhou) Stationery Co. Ltd.
4.SAKURA Sakura
Founded in 1921 in Japan, its pigments enjoy a high reputation in the industry, specializing in pigment / marker pen products enterprises, Japan Cherry Blossom color pen company, Yinghua International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
5.Crayola drew joy
In 1903 the United States, the most popular American children’s brand, leading brand of children’s art activities, Chinese agent: Shanghai fulemeng fashion Stationery Co. Ltd.
6.STABILO Stabilo
Founded in 1855, Nuremberg, Germany, Mark pen ten brands, the world’s largest production and sales of stationery company, Stabilo (Shanghai) Trading Company
7. mark MARCO
Began in 1992, Shanghai famous trademark, the world’s larger wooden pencil manufacturer, its wooden pencil in the industry enjoys a high reputation, the great cultural and educational supplies (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd
Staedtler 8.STAEDTLER
Founded in 1835 in Germany, the European cultural office supplies manufacturer, engaged in the production of stationery series / drawing instrument products / design / computer supplies office supplies such as product design, Shanghai fulemeng fashion Stationery Co. Ltd.
9.Maped MAPED
In 1947 France, the world’s leading manufacturer of students and office supplies, compass / rubber / punch excellent reputation, Suzhou MAPED office supplies Co. Ltd.
10. Chenguang stationery M&G
Shanghai famous trademark, the product is famous for high cost performance, dedicated to writing tools / student stationery / office stationery, such as the production / sale of listed companies, Shanghai Chenguang stationery Limited by Share Ltd

Watercolor pencil brand consumer guide

Professional art brush mainly refers to oil brush and brush painting and gouache, children use the brush tool with crayons, oil pastels, colored pens, pencils, and watercolor paintings and ink painting brush. Painting also has good tools. So, what brand of crayons? Which brand is a watercolour pen good? What areas of watercolor pens are the most widely distributed? Where can I get a better watercolor pen? What are the brands of watercolor pens that win the honors of big brands, famous trademarks and provincial famous brands? In order to give the consumers watercolor pen market to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data support, watercolor pen ten brands list for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.

How do children of different ages choose a brush?

A child of 1~5
Children of this age, suitable for hard pen, the pen is a pencil, color pencil, color ink pen. Hard pen is suitable for small children to draw, because they are easy to use, without too much effort can draw an image. And painting things can be coarse and fine, of course, when painted large color, this pen is more trouble.
When using a hard brush pen, parents must pay attention to the child, with the brush pen head not too sharp, otherwise easy to hurt the children.
A child of 6~10
Children of this age, suitable for soft pens, such as brush and brush pen. This type of brush is especially expressive, but requires more skills and skills, so the older children use it better. The most important feature of this kind of pen is that it can be matched with colors, which can make children mix the colors of all things in their limited colors according to their own understanding. And once mastered, the use of soft pen skills, painting can be rough, want to fine, fine.
In addition to the above two pens, there is also a pen is a painting stick, crayons and pastels, such as a stick drawing tools. This kind of material can be large painted, it is relatively easy to grasp, so to children, children are more suitable. Their weakness is not suitable for painting details, but they can be used to fill, it is more suitable than pen small children.
For children, of course, choose the most suitable for their painting work, but if from the point of view of learning, it is best to let children try all kinds of painting work. In this way, both the fresh paintings can arouse the children’s interest in painting, and they can also train the children’s ability to use tools.

The types of children’s brushes

1, crayons, oil painting stick:
The preferred painting tool for infants and young children. Good grasp the painting, good effect, rough lines, good colour; but easy to break, the best placed in the open box, the box should be large, shallow, easy to take place;
2, color pen:
The pen is brightly colored and is easy to draw lines and coloring;
3 pencils:
Children’s pencils are better with soft refills;
4, brush:
For watercolour and ink painting, teach children how to use them.

How can you draw a crayon?

Use bold colors
Painting crayons must consider the use of color problems. Xiao Bian believes that the reason why everyone likes crayon painting, because it is bright in color, visually gives a very good feeling. As for how to use color, Xiao Bian think, crayon paintings do not have to pursue objective, realistic description of physical objects, from the heart, with random collocation will be beautiful.
Ignore proportion
The striking difference between children’s paintings and adult paintings is that children draw almost no proportion. Sometimes trees are shorter than houses, and sometimes pets are taller than masters. All children’s paintings have such a chaotic beauty. If you’re an adult, you might as well be “ignorant” once.
Encourage innovation
There are definitely different places compared with the children’s crayon paintings and adult paintings. Xiao Bian believes that children’s crayon painting innovative thinking is very important. Popular, painting must have imagination, this is very important in crayon, otherwise your painting is dead.
Good mood
Here, Xiao Bian wants to tell you that painting must be from the heart, and if you are forced to draw, you must not draw wonderful crayons. Now many parents love them, forcing children to learn this one, then what didn’t learn it well. Draw crayons must draw from the heart, happy painting.
Excellent basic skills
If you just want to enjoy a time with your child, you can follow the painting above. Xiaobian below for everyone to explain the professional children’s crayon painting skills, the first is to have excellent basic skills, know how to draw crayons. Crayon Crochet is the most difficult, small series suggest that you first learn from this step.
Insist on
How do you draw crayons? Finally, the small series and old again, painting crayon paintings, the most important thing is to adhere to. If you want to draw well, you must practice regularly, other than mastering the basic child crayon skills. Xiao Zhu, I wish everyone can draw a good crayon painting!

The basic technique of crayon drawing

(1) flat painting: use crayon painting, you should first paint the edge parts, be careful, do not paint the color to the outside of the line. The force should be uniform, not suddenly light, suddenly heavy. To follow the one direction with horizontal slanting, do not apply. Color on paper coated with a white, not leaving traces.
At the same time a color coating, can be coated with a depth of shade change, Tu shade change, evenly, first gently painted, then painted in good light color on repeated coating, so the color painted out thickness, good-looking. If the force is light and gradually heavy, then the color will change gradually from light to deep. No matter how to paint, can not appear half thick half light, appear this kind of situation, just because from weak to thick junction is not sure. Without a good grasp of the shades, the screen looks very stiff.
(2) the blank: white crayon parts mostly stay out of the space, should pay attention to when the start color from dark place with light, with gently, slowly and gradually transition to the white, like white left out of nature, in order to reflect the light feeling.
(3) fold the color: want to draw very full of crayons, there are layers of subjective sense, it is necessary to fold the color method, folding color is overlapping color, is a variety of color of the compound. No matter what it is painted, the dark color should be painted at last. When painting, start with a light color, and then paint the dark color, the thickest, the most black color to be painted at last. What is drawn in this way has both layers and colors.
(4) scraper: the drawing method of the scraper is to draw the color and shade change of the object by crayon first, then use the knife to scrape out the size change, white spot and thickness line. The scraper method is very useful. It can be used in painting glassware, glazed porcelain and smooth surfaces.

Crayon painting features, tools and crayon painting of the basic skills introduced

Crayon is a kind of art form is widely used in young children in painting, it can be used to paint still life, landscapes, figures, and the painting is convenient and quick and simple tools, has a certain artistic appeal, so loved by the students. Here on how to draw crayons, talk about a few points of experience.
First, the characteristics of crayon painting
Crayons, paint condition, it is not like that in other paintings before painting complex was prepared, also do not need to consider the impact of such as water and oil on dry and wet color, paint can be stopped and continued painting, painted several colors, brush can naturally together, not limited by time. It fully reflects the superiority of crayon painting when compared with other kinds of painting.
Two, crayon drawing tool
The formation of painting techniques is closely related to the characteristics of the tools and materials used, and crayon painting is no exception. The selection of the pen is best produced in Shanghai “Marley” crayon, it has twelve colors, thirty-six colors, forty-eight colors and sixty-four colors and so on. Paper: lead paper, preferably with a little thick, not too smooth. Other tools: pencil, eraser, knife, iron engraving pen, drawing board.

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